COVID 19 Vaccinations

We are currently working hard to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible patients in the priority groups, at the same time as providing care to all those who need it.  

 The public have an important part to play to help us do this: 

•           please don’t contact the surgery to seek a vaccine, we will contact you  

•           when we do contact you, please attend your booked appointments  

•           and please continue to follow all the guidance to control the virus and save lives. 


There are also a number of national vaccination sites that are opening and patients may receive a letter from the national NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service inviting you to book an appointment at one of these vaccination centres. If you receive a letter and are able to travel to the vaccination centre safely, we recommend that you book using the details the letter provides.  

 Please be aware that the NHS will never ask for payment for the Covid-19 vaccination and any text message requesting payment should be ignored. 

If you have not yet been approached about having the Covid-19 vaccine, please read the information: why you are being asked to wait. You can also find further information on the Covid-19 vaccine here.

Please continue to abide by all the social distancing, wearing of face masks and hand hygiene guidance, which will still save lives.

Please be aware that while we deliver Covid-19 vaccinations some of our routine clinics and appointments may need to be postponed or rearranged. We will contact you directly if this impacts you – please do not contact the surgery. If you do not hear from us, please attend your booked appointment. 


Our Practice remains open and you can still contact the surgery for any medical concerns you may have.  

 For medical advice outside of surgery hours, please contact NHS 111 on the telephone or online via 

You can find out more about the COVID-19 vaccination programme, including frequently asked questions and patient information leaflets here